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FBI Working Its Way Through List Of 1,000 Most Active Hackers Supplied By PayPal

The FBI is currently working its way through a hit list of 1,000 IP addresses provided by Internet cash-juggling outift PayPal in an attempt to arrest key members of hacking collective Anonymous.

The company provided the US law enforcement agency with a USB thumb drive containing the 1,000 addresses which sent the biggest packets of data fired at PayPal by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks carried out in the name of Anonymous.

The FBI has already served 40 warrants for people associated with those addresses, according to thinq_ and is currently working its way down the list.

On December 15th 2010, PayPal's Jon Oberton reportedly handed a thumb drive to the FBI'S Special Agent Adam Reynolds, "containing logs and reports detailing information regarding approximately 1,000 IP addresses that sent malicious network packets to PayPal during the DDoS attacks. The 1,000 addresses were derived from logs created created by a PayPal-owned Radware device. According to Oberton, this list represents the IP addresses that sent the largest number of packets."