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Google's Eric Schmidt To Face US Senate Hearing On September 21st

Google’s executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt will be testifying in front of a committee of Senators on September 21st as a part of its ongoing investigation into the company’s business practices.

The Senate's Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights has scheduled a hearing entitled ‘The Power of Google: Serving Consumers or Threatening Competition?’ and Schmidt has been named as the witness to testify during the hearing.

As Google’s internet empire continues to grow, the government is questioning whether the company might be using its position to engage in unfair business practices that could hinder market competition.

Schmidt will have to answer questions on the intricacies of Google’s business practices and the dominating roll it commands, particularly within internet search and online advertising.

The executive stepped down from his ten-year position as chief executive officer to make way for Google co-founder Larry Page, who took up office in his new role in April. As Google’s executive chairman, Schmidt its responsible for government relations and partnerships among other things.

Google, which has maintained that it is willing to co-operate in every way with the enquires, is also dealing with separate investigations being undertaken by the US Federal Trade Commission and regulators in Europe.