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Hackers Target South Korea, Steal Data of 33 Million People

A South Korean company has accused China-based hackers to have stolen data of more than 33 million people from its website.

SK Communications Corporation, the company that operates a search engine Nate along with a social networking website Cyworld in South Korea has revealed that hackers used computers with an IP address of China to steal massive amounts of personal data from their websites.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the authorities of Korean Communications Commission on Thursday revealed that the personal data of around 33 million people who have their private accounts on Cyworld has been breached by hackers. Nate has around 25 million users while Cyworld boasts of 33 million users in a country where the entire population is 49 million.

“We have no information on who the hackers were. This could be the biggest hacking incident in our country. We took security steps after detecting a malicious code originating from an IP address from China on Tuesday," Koo Ki-Hyang, the spokesperson for SK Communications informed.

The company reported the incident to the Police, communication authorities along with its 33 million users after two days of internal investigation. At present a Police investigation is under process.