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Intel Taking The Fight To ARM In The Mobile Arena

Intel has been accused to dropping the ball when it comes to low power draw processors, leaving the market open for upstarts like Brit chip designer ARM, but the dominant force in the CPU world believes it still has some tricks up its sleeve.

At a lively briefing in London yesterday in the company of Bill Leszinske, general manager of Intel's Atom SoC technology development group told thinq_ that Intel's late start in the ARM race doesn't mean it's left dead in the water.

Intel has been refreshingly open when it comes to admitting it missed the boat when it comes to mobile platforms but Lezinske, who came to London to outline the company's plans to gain traction in the 'ultra mobility' space.

"This is not a reaction to ARM," insisted Leszinske yesterday in the face of a rather large pile of evidence to the contrary.

Intel is promising a new on-chip interconnect, crucial to the 'system' tacked around the chip, and a growing 'IP' library, along with an accelerated roadmap that promises die shrinkage at twice the rate of Intel's conventional desktop chip-making process and new products currently codenamed Saltwell, Silvermont and Airmont.