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iPhone 5 To Come In 16GB And 32GB Models?

Although most sources tend to agree on the rough release timetable for Apple's iPhone 5, few have managed to pin down what the iPhone 5's specifications will be. But now, as carriers of the new iPhone around the world are getting ready for the device's release, some fresh information on the smartphone's storage capacity has seemingly been leaked.

The latest source has provided some images from an Asian carrier, Korea Telecom's database, revealing some SKUs that are referred to as AIP5-32, AIP5-16 and AIP5-00; very likely standing for Apple iPhone 5. The first two SKUs seemingly have 16 GB and 32 GB capacities, while the third one, 00, according to the source (opens in new tab) apparently indicates that the device is for unlocked iPhone users.

A few weeks ago, another source suggested that the iPhone 5 had appeared in some high profile European iPhone carrier databases. And now this leak purportedly from another carrier, has seemingly confirmed the information, coming from an independent source.

Perhaps the absence of a 64 GB device is because Apple is hoping people will readily adopt the extra storage capacity for photos, music, videos etc. offered by its new iCloud service.

Apple's fifth generation iPhone is presumably coming sometime in September, as several reports and rumours have suggested. The fact that Apple is hiring staff and asking former employees to come back to deal with an upcoming influx of customers, as well as recently leaked images of what seem to be the new iPhone 5 cases, have led many to believe the next iPhone is on its way soon.

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