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Late News: Google+ Visits Declining, Senate Hearing for Eric Schmidt, Windows Phone Mango Features SkyDrive

A recent report has revealed that traffic on Google Plus is falling steadily giving rise to suggestions that the platform might have reached its peak level. According to Top Tech News, market analyst firm Experian Hitwise has published a report which shows clearly that usage of Google’s latest bet to compete against leading social networking website Facebook, has decreased in last week.

Microsoft has dished out an ad mocking Google’s Gmail service at the Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference, highlighting Google’s practice of scanning emails for keyword based advertising. The video was apparently leaked online by one of the attendees. The ad created by the Microsoft Office 365 team, features the ‘Gmail Man’ a mailman who is seen going through everyone’s emails, looking for keywords in order to place relevant advertisements.

OnLive’s developer has claimed to have come up with a master plan that would help remove all sorts of reception problems with wireless connections. According to Venture Beat, Steve Perlman, the man behind Microsoft's WebTV and cloud-based video gaming firm OnLive has distributed his plan on papers to media persons explaining them the intricate details of the new technology, which he has named DIDO.

Google’s executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt will be testifying in front of a committee of Senators on September 21st as a part of its ongoing investigation into the company’s business practices. The Senate's Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights has scheduled a hearing entitled ‘The Power of Google: Serving Consumers or Threatening Competition?’ and Schmidt has been named as the witness to testify during the hearing.

Microsoft Corporation’s latest Windows Phone operating system codenamed Mango has been integrated with company’s Windows Live SkyDrive. Windows Phone Mango, a major update to the existing OS has been released to manufacturers with around 500 new features and an enhanced speed. One of the key features integrated in the platform is believed to be Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive, a cloud-based service.

Ravi Mandalia

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