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Nielsen Study Suggests Microsoft Holding 9% Smartphone Market Share

According to a recent study released by Nielsen, Microsoft now has a US smartphone market share of 9 percent.

The share includes both Windows Mobile, which has now been discontinued and Windows Phone 7 platform.

Android leads the US smartphone OS market with a share of 39 percent while Apple’s iOS follows in the second spot with 28 percent. The two Smartphone giants are trailed by RIM BlackBerry with 20 percent with HP’s webOS and Symbian having a market share of 2 percent each.

Apple, however, was the biggest smartphone manufacturer with a market share of 28 percent, as it is the only one making iOS based iPhone.

“Other leading manufacturers include HTC, whose Android phones represents 14 percent of the smartphone market and whose Windows Mobile/WP7 devices account for 6 percent of the market,” Nielsen said in a blog post (opens in new tab).

Motorola had 11 percent share in the Android Smartphone market while Samsung had an 8 percent share in Android Smartphone market and 2 percent in the Windows Phone 7 market in the United States. comScore, previously, had put Microsoft at 5.8% which trailed behind Android, Apple and RIM.

Windows Phone Mango might be the Smartphone OS which will strengthen Microsoft's position, but there are no signs of its official public launch yet.

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