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False Evidence Presented by HP Claims Oracle Exec

Oracle Corporation has demanded legal case to be dropped against one of its top executive as the evidence filed by complainant Hewlett and Packard Co. is false.

According to the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab), attorney for Adrian Jones, currently a senior vice president at Oracle Corp. has demanded case against his client to be dropped by the Santa Clara County Superior Court because the evidence proposed by HP is fabricated by the company itself to falsely frame his client, a former employee at HP.

“The central allegation in HP’s employment lawsuit against Adrian Jones has turned out to be complete fiction. If they did it knowingly then HP and their lawyers should be sanctioned. If they did it mistakenly then they simply owe Mr. Jones an apology.” spokeswoman for Redwood City, California-based Oracle Corp, Deborah Hellinger stated.

HP had accused Jones who left the company to join Oracle in February this year for downloading company’s confidential trade data to a USB hard drive on February 10 or 11. However, Jones has revealed that the hard drive was never in his possession, a fact confirmed by HP and its external team of lawyers.

HP has claimed that Jones was in possession of the external drive which could contain trade secrets. However, he returned the device soon after.

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