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TalkTalk Reports Revenue Drop As Customers Depart

British telecoms and broadband service provider TalkTalk has suffered further losses in market share, the company reported on Thursday, as its user base continues to fall.

According to the Financial Times, the third largest web services provider in the United Kingdom, TalkTalk has revealed a loss in revenue for second quarter ending June 30th as the company struggles to improve its reputation for weak consumer service.

The total revenue for the quarter between April and June fell from £444 million in the previous year to £423 million this year, as TalkTalk lost nearly 38,000 customers from its user base in the same quarter.

Interestingly, the average revenue generated by each user increased from £23.90 in the previous year to £24.70 in the current year for the second fiscal quarter; however, that number is a little less than the revenue reported for the first quarter in 2011.

“Revenue in the quarter was lower, as expected. With our customers’ experience improving, churn falling, new services gaining traction and the next phase of our unbundling programme accelerating, we are confident that we will deliver growing revenue in the second half,” Dido Harding, the chief executive of Talk Talk said in a statement.