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Window Live SkyDrive Comes to Mango

Microsoft Corporation’s latest Windows Phone operating system codenamed Mango has been integrated with company’s Windows Live SkyDrive.

Windows Phone Mango, a major update to the existing OS has been released to manufacturers with around 500 new features and an enhanced speed. One of the key features integrated in the platform is believed to be Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive, a cloud-based service.

“The feature lets you store photos, videos, and documents in the cloud for easy access and sharing. But with the newly released Mango beta build to developers earlier this week, it was discovered that the SkyDrive can also be used to stream music.” the website has mentioned.

The feature was discovered by Manan Kakkar an active technology blogger who revealed the news with a video of demonstration.

The revelation by the blogger has received acknowledgement from SkyDrive team at Microsoft who have claimed music streaming service is an unsupported feature as of now and the developers have mainly focused on images and documents streaming.

Released to developers early this week, mobile phones equipped with the new OS and an update to existing Windows Phone users is expected to release in the US by September.