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Google Introduces Two-Step Verification For Global Users

Google Inc has now released its 2-step verification process for its web accounts in around 40 languages across more than 150 countries.

According to tech website PC World, Google’s 2-step verification system to authenticate users signing in to their Google online accounts, such as Gmail, You Tube, Picasa, and its latest project Google Plus, is now available to users worldwide.

The login feature which was launched earlier this year only in the English language, enables users to secure their account with a verification code along with password protection to secure their data from any hacking or identity compromise.

"Email, social networking and other online accounts still get compromised today, but 2-step verification cuts those risks significantly. News of password theft and data breaches constantly remind us to stay on our toes and take advantage of tools to properly secure our valuable online information," Nishit Shah, product manager at Google Security, wrote in an official blog post.

Users can choose between Google’s Authenticator App on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices, and between voice call or text message as a mode to generate the verification code which is then used to log in to the account.

Users can make the verification code valid for just a single session or for a whole month.