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Is Apple Looking At Barnes & Noble Acquisition?

News about Apple Inc’s interest in taking over Barnes & Noble and acquiring its huge library, has been doing the rounds on web since tech website Boy Genius Report published a story from an unrevealed source.

According to tech website Apple Insider, Apple might be planning to acquire America’s largest book selling company Barnes & Noble based in New York City, to enhance its e-book store.

“This unproven source also said that iTunes 11 would be released in September along with iOS 5 and iCloud, and will support reading iBooks on computers as well as textbook purchases and rentals,” BGR’s Jonathan Geller wrote on Thursday.

However, the news has received a mixed response from analysts and investors across the technology sector. Some experts believe that acquiring Barnes & Noble, which has more than 700 stores and a little fewer college book stores across the country, will enable Apple to compete with Amazon in e-book sales whilsy taking over the successful Nook ereader business.

The move appears a lot more appealing because Apple is planning to launch an app for Android-based devices by the end of 2011 and owning such a huge number of college book stores will bring Apple’s iBookstore to the front in one go.