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Further Patent Woes For Google, Over WebM Video Format

The MPEG LA licensing group is on the verge of filing a lawsuit against Google’s webM open source video format.

The licensing group, which supports the H.264 video format, has identified 12 companies with patents that are crucial for the webM format, which has been created and maintained by search engine giant Google.

Google has dropped support for the H.264 video format from its Chrome web browser, making webM the only format required for playing HTML 5 based video on the web browser. The company is also in the process of converting videos on YouTube to support webM.

MPEG LA, looking to hinder the adoption of the open source format, is creating a patent pool to challenge webM in the law courts.

In an interview with Streaming Media, MPEG LA claimed it had gathered 12 companies with the patents necessary for its cause.

“Once a pool license is created, it typically remains open for the inclusion of additional essential patents, and patent holders with essential patents are welcome to join the license as Licensors,” the licensing body said.

“MPEG LA met with VP8 essential patent holders in late June to facilitate a discussion among them whether and on what terms they may want to create a VP8 patent pool license and is continuing to facilitate that discussion,” it added.