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12 Hour Xbox Gaming Session Kills 20 Year Old Briton

A 20 year-old Briton has died after a 12 hour gaming session on the Xbox 360 games console, it has been revealed.

Chris Staniforth, a Xbox addict from Sheffield, England, died of a deep vein thrombosis, which is caused when a person sit in a single position for a very long.

His father claims that Staniforth lived for its Xbox 360 and used to play video games on the console for almost 12 hours at a stretch. He died after he complained of sensations in the chest during a gaming session with friends.

“He told his friend how he was woken in the night by a strange feeling in his chest. He said his heart rate had been incredibly low but it went back to normal and he fell asleep again. Then he dropped a packet of chewing gum and as he picked it up, he jolted back and began to spasm,” David, Chris’ father told The Sun.

"Playing on it for so long is what killed him - and I don't want another child to die." he added.

David claims that he does not blame Microsoft for his son’s death but warned that people should be more careful and avoid playing games in long sessions. He has started a new campaign to spread awareness about deep vein thrombosis and advise people on how to prevent it from happening.