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Alleged LulzSec ‘Topiary’ Suspect Released on Bail

Alleged Lulz Sec member Jake Davis who was arrested for breaching into the network of Serious Organised Crime Agency with malicious motive, has been granted bail by a court today, according to latest reports.

The bail, granted by the Westminster Magistrates' Court, however, restricts Davis from accessing Internet, and worse still for the 19 year old, he will have to live with a fixed electronic tag until further court order which will ensure a curfew which he needs to abide by.

Davis was charged with multiple offences including the likes of breach into computer network, criminal conspiracy charges, as well as a DDoS attack on the SOCA website.

According to the court filing, Davis was in possession of 16 computers, linked together for carrying out coordinated hack attacks. And causing more worries for him, it was also alleged that his computer carried personal details of more than 750,000 people, as well as a fake news article on Rupert Murdoch that made its way into The Sun’s website after it was taken down by the notorious hacking collective LulzSec.

Along with Davis, 21 more hacking suspects from all across the UK, the US and the Netherlands, including a 16 old teen from South London were arrested on suspicion of hacking with criminal intentions.