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Anonymous Claims to have Breached ManTech, Leaks FBI Data

Hackers group Anonymous has announced that it has acquired a huge amount of confidential

data from the website of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contractor.

According to CNET, the infamous group of hackers has breached the website of ManTech, a firm in contract with the cyber security division of the FBI in their continuous attempts to embarrass the investigation authorities every Friday.

"Today is Friday and we will be following the tradition of humiliating our friends from the FBI once again. This time we hit one of their biggest contractors for cyber security: Mantech International Corporation," the group announced on PirateBay.

The group added that ManTech is the company; FBI chose to strike a deal worth $100 million to outsource its cyber security work. The 400 MB sized data that has been breached and collected by Anonymous mainly consists of documents from NATO, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), branches of the American military along with Justice Departments of Various states in the country.

While ManTech International refused to comment on the data breach that took place on Friday, it neither refuted the claim made by Anonymous, Anti-Sec winners in alliance with another group LulzSec that their data has been breached.