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Apple Paid Apps Will Prevail over Android Apps Claims Expert

Experts still believe that Apple Inc. will continue to whip Google Inc.’s Android AppStore over paid applications section.

According to Gomo News, a mobile designing firm Nice Agency based in the United Kingdom has pointed out that despite the recent hike in prices for its applications, the iPhone maker will continue to stay upbeat and lead the market share consistently.

“While the Android market is set to overtake Apple in overall number of apps, the iTunes App Store has over three times as many paid apps as Android. Consumers are willing to pay for Apple apps because they believe they¹re good value for money,” co-MD of Nice Agency, Ryan Hall stated.

Hall also added that the apps developed by the Apple have struck with its customers worldwide because of its expertise and efficiency to offer its users apps they need and are willing to shell some money out for. He denied the argument that Apple’s AppStore has succeeded mainly because of its marketing skills.

The report has stressed that Google lags behind in the department and can only affect Apple’s market share if it begins to offer its popular apps at a competitive price stressing that company developing mobile phones for Android have only one aim and that is to beat Apple with convenient and affordable alternatives.