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AT&T Denying Vacation During September - iPhone 5 Launch?

Just last week, Apple's actions regarding its employees were pointing to a soon release of iPhone 5, as the company was hiring new staff and asking former ones to come back for the August-September period, to help with an expected increase in customer traffic.

Now, a similar rumour adds more weight to the September iPhone 5 release, this time coming from an alleged AT&T employee. It seems the carrier is denying vacation requests in the last two weeks of September, because of what they call 'an event blackout' - could it be the iPhone 5 launch?

The unconfirmed AT&T employee sent the following email to Gizmodo (opens in new tab): "I'm an AT&T employee and my boss just announced that vacation requests for the end of September will be denied due to an 'event blackout'. Historically the only time they've done this was for an iPhone release. So we're looking at the last two weeks of September."

Looking back in Apple's traditional cycle, with, for instance, the Verizon iPhone 4 launch in February, the company did actually block vacation requests in this case also.

The most solid evidence so far is probably the comment by Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer, who revealed that there would be a "future product transition" around September, during the company's last earnings call session; though it is the number of rumours and leaks that adds weight to the supposed September release.


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