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Best Buy Insignia Gets a Tivo Makeover

According to new reports, the US based retail giant Best Buy’s massively popular low-range TV Insignia got a makeover from Tivo Inc., a leading name in the digital video recording and set top box market in the country.

With this new collaboration between the two brands, the Insignia product line up will now come equipped with internet connection.

Expressing an opinion on the deal, TG Daily wrote: “It's a potential win-win here for Tivo, a company that has nothing to lose at this point. Once a pioneering revolution in the consumer electronics industry, it is now all but obsolete with the explosion of cable-branded DVRs and online streaming content.”

“However, Tivo has tried to remain relevant by adding apps to its set-top boxes,” it added.

With this collaboration between Tivo and Best Buy, those Insignia winners with a Tivo subscription can watch YouTube, Netflix, CinemaNow, as well as access Facebook, Napster etc. right from their televisions.

Not many were amused, however, by the move as it has been almost a year now since the companies tied up with the promise of delivering luscious deal in the forthcoming days, and eventually made fans across the country wait for over such a long period.