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'iPhone 5' Cases Available Online In China

Last week, some Chinese manufacturers leaked images of, allegedly, the next iPhone's cases, revealing some changes in the device's design and flooding the Internet with reports and suppositions about the iPhone 5.

Now, it seems that iPhone 5 cases are being distributed in China as the Chinese site is selling them at $0.31 for a minimum 500 units ordered. Similar to the previous leaked images, the cases indicate a curved iPhone 5, with side buttons moved to the opposite side, compared to iPhone 4.

The camera flash is in the same spot as it was with the previous iPhone, near the rear camera, even though there have been reports saying that Apple would change the position of the camera flash for the fifth generation iPhone.

It wouldn't be the first time China's case manufacturers leaked images and details on upcoming Apple products, despite the company's desire to keep everything secret. Last year, three Foxconn employees were arrested for unveiling the design of the iPad 2 to accessory companies. It was shown in Court that the employees had been paid 20,000CNY ($3,107) to provide images of Apple's tablet before its official release.

The fifth generation iPhone is rumoured to hit the market this September, but colourful cases can already be purchased, since they are "everywhere in China".