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iPhone 5 Counterfeits Already On Sale In China

Apple's fifth generation iPhone is expected to arrive this September, the general consensus is, unless you are in China where the handset is apparently already available - from counterfeiters.

Millions of consumers are eagerly awaiting the upcoming product and according to a recent survey, a great number of them are considering buying Apple's smartphone as soon as it hits the market.

Months before the release of the official iPhone 5, the counterfeiters started producing their own iPhone 5 interpretations, with designs mainly based on the rumours and leaked images that have been cropping up all over the web. The Chinese 'iPhone 5' is being sold for $108 and features MP3 and MP4 playback, Wi-Fi and Java based OS, MacRumors reports.

Compared to the recently leaked case designs for Apple's iPhone, this smartphone doesn't have the button on the opposite side nor does it have the redesigned Home button. The edges are somehow curved just like the cases, but not to the same extent.

Despite some dissimilarities, the manufacturers have imitated things quite well, even down to the iOS operating system, and their copies could easily deceive the less experienced shopper. But knocking off Apple's products and especially iPhones is nothing new.

Last year, after iPhone 4 details had been leaked, manufacturers also started shipping iPhone 4 counterfeits before the official release of Apple's device.