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Is PlayStation Vita Coming to Stores in October?

Having witnessed four years of tremendous success enjoyed by its Play Station Portable, more famously known as the PSP, Japan based console giant Sony Corp. could be all set to launch its new venture in the portable console market, PlayStation Vita on October 28 this year, a new report has claimed.

The report, published by the gaming publication IGN cites a flier sent by a reader from Blockbuster in the UK that claims the PlayStation Vita to be hitting the store shelves on the coming October itself.

According to the flier, the 3G capable version of the product will cost somewhere around £279.99 ($460.61), whereas the Wi Fi only version will be available for no more than £229.99 ($378.37). The PSP Vita is expected to come with 5-inch multitouch OLED screen, front and rear touchpads and dual joysticks.

PSP Vita is a much needed launch both for Sony as well as the portable gaming industry as the sales of Sony PSP and Nintendo 3DS are dwindling.

Previous reports indicated that PlayStation Vita wasn’t going to go on sales until Christmas, but the flier comes as a welcome surprise for everyone. According to reports, the PSP Vita is going to pack enough hardware power to bring a lot more to the portable gaming expertise; way beyond what PSP has offered.