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Late News: Fake iPhone 5 Available in China, ManTech Possibly Hacked by Anonymous, Amazon Stops Appstore Submissions

Apple's fifth generation iPhone is expected to arrive this September; the general consensus is, unless you are in China where the handset is apparently already available - from counterfeiters. Millions of consumers are eagerly awaiting the upcoming product and according to a recent survey, a great number of them are considering buying Apple's smartphone as soon as it hits the market.

Hackers group Anonymous has announced that it has acquired a huge amount of confidential data from the website of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contractor. According to CNET, the infamous group of hackers has breached the website of ManTech, a firm in contract with the cyber security division of the FBI in their continuous attempts to embarrass the investigation authorities every Friday.

Social networking giant Facebook is now offering cash rewards for researchers who report vulnerabilities on its website. The company, which joins Google and Mozilla in launching a bug bounty program, will offer $500 to the researcher who responsibly discloses any vulnerability to Facebook.

One of the architects of the US foreign policy under George W. Bush, General Michael Hayden, suggested that the US Government should consider creating a "Digital Blackwater" during an open conversation with Bloomberg's Allan Holmes and several other cyber security specialists on stage during an event called the Aspen Security Forum.

Apple has managed to put an injunction against Amazon for using a similar term to refer to its house of e-book apps for Android platform, in Germany. According to PC Mag, web retailer and e-book seller Amazon Inc. has published a message through emails to its developers in Germany informing them about suspension of app inclusion for its appstore in the country as the authorities have taken action in favour of Apple’s lawsuit.