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LibreOffice 3.4.2 does the business

Open source Microsoft Office alternative LibreOffice has reached a point were the The Document Foundation (TDF) says it is stable enough to be used in enterprise situations.

The suite of productivity applications which closely follows the functionality of Microsoft Office's virtual monopoly in the workplace has had several major bug fixes and 'can be deployed for production needs by most enterprises' according to a TDF announcement.

The open source outfit says it's probably a good idea to deploy LibreOffice using a support partner which can identify specific requirements, manage migration, and push some cash in TDF's direction.

More than 300 contributors have helped build the current version of the software and have added, deleted or modified more than five million lines of code in the process.

"TDF was born with the aim of evolving the code to develop a cleaner and leaner free office suite and, after ten months, we are right on track to achieve this objective," says Bjoern Michaelsen, one of the four Canonical contributors, and a key member of the
Engineering Steering Committee. "Of course, with such a large code renovation effort, we are aware of the short-term risk of reduced stability, but this is counterbalanced by the long-term improvement in features, speed and - again - stability."

You can check out version 3.4.2 for yourself here. Version 3.4.3 will be out by the end of August.