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Low cost Android eBook reader launched

Binatone has announced the ReadMe Mobile, a colour screen eBook reader running from the Google mobile OS that also can be used for Internet browsing – for £129.99.

The Readme Mobile arrives with a 7-inch colour screen, an 800x480 resolution and a Qwerty keypad with touch sensitive navigational keys, with access to WIFI in the form of 802.11 b/g.

The device is primarily designed to be used as an eBook reader but offers a great deal more; the Readme Mobile natively supports the file formats of TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, FB2, EPUB, TCR, OPEN E-BOOK, OPEN READER and MOBI.

Readme Mobile can also be used to access email, browse the web and listen to music, watch videos and view images too and all whilst running from Android ‘Éclair’ 2.1.

On-board is 2GB of internal memory that's capable of holding over 2,000 books where the device is rechargeable from a USB 2.0 port, with over 6 hours of reading time.

Binatone’s Readme Mobile is a decent alternative to Amazon’s Kindle, whilst offering a large colour screen, internet access capabilities and WIFI and at an affordable price.

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