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Noon News: Xperia X10 Gets Gingerbread, HTC Evo 3D Set for September Launch, Java 7 Released

Sony Ericsson has finally dished out the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for its Xperia X10 Smartphone device. The company said that the roll out will depend on the carrier or the users’ country and said it could not confirm an exact date on which the update will be available.

Motorola Inc has reported poor sales of its range of devices, tablets in particular, during its earnings call for the second quarter that took place on Thursday. According to Business Week, Motorola Inc has reported dismal sales of its tablet computer, the Motorola Xoom which was launched amid huge expectations, with only 440,000 units sold in the second quarter ending June 30th of the current financial year.

Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are giving rise to a generation of self-obsessed people who want constant reassurance from their peers, an expert has warned. Baroness Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at Oxford University, has claimed that people constantly exposing themselves to social networking platforms have developed an ‘identity crisis’ and crave for attention online.

HTC's new top of the range Smartphone, the Evo 3D is set to land in the UK on the 12th of September according to an updated Amazon product page which also reveals the handset's price, £499.99, a 12 per cent drop from £570, which is slightly less than what we were expecting.

Oracle Corporation has announced the seventh edition of Java, its first release for the Java platform since it acquired Sun Microsystems, though there are already reports from developers of some bugs. According to tech website Cnet, Oracle Corp has come up with the first full version of Java, Java Standard Edition 7 (SE7) after having purchased the Java parent company in April 2009, putting to rest all fears and apprehension over the uncertain future of the technology.