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Oracle To Embrace Direct Sales Strategy

Business software developer Oracle Corp has decided to adopt a mixed sales strategy in order to depend less on third party vendors.

According to tech website Xbit Laboratories, California-based Oracle Corp has revealed that it is ready to venture into a business strategy where it will take care of some of its sales directly and leave the rest to its sales partners. However, the company has acknowledged that its new strategy is a tentative plan as it may not necessarily prove successful.

The decision from Oracle will encourage sales partners of the company to court its business rivals Hewlett-Packard (HP) and International Business Machines (IBM), which could cause the strategy to backfire.

"Although we will continue to sell our hardware systems products through indirect channels, we have enhanced our direct sales coverage for our hardware products and intend that our direct sales force will sell a larger portion of our hardware products in the future than they do now,” Oracle stated.

The company in a filing has already acknowledged and issued a warning to its people that the revenue numbers may be affected if the plan does not succeed, and it may in turn lead to rival companies striking agreements with its partner firms at the first available opportunity.