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Oracle Releases Java Standard Edition 7, Apache Warns Of Bugs

Oracle Corporation has announced the seventh edition of Java, its first release for the Java platform since it acquired Sun Microsystems, though there are already reports from developers of some bugs.

According to tech website Cnet, Oracle Corp has come up with the first full version of Java, Java Standard Edition 7 (SE7) after having purchased the Java parent company in April 2009, putting to rest all fears and apprehension over the uncertain future of the technology.

The new platform is the meeting point of "industry-wide development involving open review, weekly builds and extensive collaboration between Oracle engineers and members of the worldwide Java ecosystem," Oracle Corp said in a statement.

According to the details furnished by developers, the Java SE 7 offers enhanced file access to its users along with support for a number of dynamic languages such as Ruby and Python, extended features for networking and security, and support for language change.

Worryingly, the search engine project management committee of the Apache Lucene stated on Thursday that the new release is affected by bugs that could actually hamper the functioning of a Java Virtual Machine by crashing or corrupting it, as well as affecting applications.

Java has revealed that around 97 per cent of desktops in the world are based on Java and it powers more than three billion devices.