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Sky Broadband Subscriber Count at 711,000, Posts Profit of $1 Billion

UK broadband services provider Sky added 174,000 new customers during the last quarter, bringing the total number of subscribers it added over the last 12 months to 711,000.

According to the financial report released by the company, it now has a total of 3.3 million broadband subscribers.

Sky had traditionally offered broadband packages with its TV services but started offering separate phone and broadband packages to customers from last year. Sky said that more than 100,000 customers had gone for the stand alone packages and the number continues to grow.

Its communications division has grown significantly in the last year with the company registering overall operating profits of more than $1 billion.

“The performance in home communications was particularly strong as we continue to grow all product lines,” chief executive Jeremy Darroch, said.

“Over the year, we increased the number of customers taking all three of TV, broadband and telephony by 37% and extended our potential reach by selling home communications products independently from television for the first time," he added.

Sky is also in the process of updating its entire broadband network, informing that more than half of its customers are accessing the web from Sky’s own equipment.