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Smallest Lithium-ion Battery made with Nanowire, Thinner than Human Hair

Researchers over at the Rice University have managed to fit a Lithium ion battery on a single nanowire.

The breakthrough will allow future scientists to power nano-electronic devices as it will serve as a source of rechargeable power. The battery has been developed by a team led by Professor Pulickel Ajayan.

According to TG Daily, the team developed two version of the battery, one is built with nickel/tin anode, polyethylene oxide (PEO) electrolyte and polyaniline cathode layers while other version was placed on a nanowire.

The first version was built to see the movement of lithium ions through the anode, electrolyte and cathode.

“The idea here is to fabricate nanowire energy storage devices with ultrathin separation between the electrodes," said Arava Leela Mohana Reddy

“This affects the electrochemical behaviour of the device. Our devices could be a very useful tool to probe nanoscale phenomenon,” she added.

The batteries developed by the team are 50 microns tall, almost the diameter of a human hair. The researchers are currently working to improve the batteries and enhance their charging capabilities as the current capacity only lasts for about 20 cycles. [Image courtesy].