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T-Mobile Revives U-Fix Concept As 'You Fix'

If you were a T-Mobile customer a few years ago, the chances are that you had a U-fix subscription, one which allowed users to combine monthly mobile contracts with a more flexible Pay as you go in a single service.

Now customers from the newly formed Everything Everywhere will be able to top up should they come dangerously close to their monthly limit. The new You Fix therefore sounds a lot like the old one with a given number of minutes and texts plus a Flexible Booster that can either be unlimited texts, international calls, internet data which can be altered every month.

Customers will be able to switch to PAYG if they reach their limit which prevents them from paying more than they'd like.

The contracts currently starts from £15.50 for 75 minutes & 75 texts; adding a fiver gets users 100 minutes and 100 texts while increasing your monthly outlay to £26.50 triples the number of minutes and texts offered.

Users can find out more about the new You Fix service here. We suspect that it might confuse rather than simplify the choice for customers, although some users like parents might find it better for their children who can top up using their pocket money. We're convinced that there are cheaper bundles either from T-Mobile or from its rivals and fail to see why a concept that didn't work five years ago will work now.