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UK's Cheapest Full HD 3D TV, £450 From Cello Electronics

Back in June, Cello announced the introduction of an ultra affordable, large format 3D television; now online retailer Ebuyer has started to stock the device and we were pleasantly surprised that its price has already gone down 10 per cent from £499.99 to £449.99, including free delivery.

That is a tad more than what Ebuyer charges for its cheapest full HD 42-inch television (just under £340) but the Cello C42T71DVB-3D has a few tricks in its bag. For a start, it is a full HD 3D television and it costs roughly the same price as the Samsung PS43D490 43-inch 3D Plasma TV which is HD Ready instead.

Another unique feature is a Sky Remote as standard, one which is compatible with Sky Digital, Sky Plus and Sky HD Plus; Cello Electronics is also the only company we know that offers iViewer which is a rather interesting proprietary video on demand service.

The rest of the configuration is rather standard; the panel is manufactured by LG, there's a Freeview tuner, two HDMI & one RF ports, AV input, SCART, PC VGA, PC Audio, USB port, Component video and more.

You will also be able to record content via the USB port to an external storage device; the TV comes with four sets of passive 3D glasses out of the box with each additional one costing £20.