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UK MPs Spend 1000 Hours a Year Tweeting Reveals Study

UK MPs spend more than 1,000 hours on micro-blogging platform Twitter every year, a new study has revealed.

According to research conducted by political lobbying firm Westminster Public Affairs, the number of MPs signing up for Twitter has more than doubled from 111 last year in January to 275 in July.

The research revealed that the Tories had 110 MPs on Twitter out of 305, the highest number of Tweeters but the lowest proportion. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats had 57 out of 100 MPs on the social networking platform. The Labour party on the other hand, has 122 MPs on Twitter out of 255 members.

“They reveal a side to them that most people don’t usually see – humorous, self-deprecating and downright ordinary.” Westminster Public Affairs director Olly Kendall said. He also said that Twitter allowed MPs to reach out to their followers and the media instead of spending time writing lengthy press releases.

Kerry McCarthy, the MP from Bristol East, is the most active MP on Twitter with 27,547 tweets followed by Tom Harris, Labour MP from Glasgow South who has sent 21,160 tweets. On the third spot is Tom Watson, a Labour MP from West Bromwich East who sent 14,441 tweets.