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Former chief information officer in the UK government, John Suffolk is joining Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei as the company’s global head of security, the company announced.

Mr. Suffolk is a well-known name in the country and has been known for his tenure in the civil services. He became the CIO of the UK government in 2006.

The news of Suffolk joining Huawei follows the alarm raised by quite a few about the possibilities of the London Underground receiving a mobile network from the company.

"Security was a core part of my thinking, planning and execution during this time," Suffolk claimed in a blog post, referring to his days as the CIO in the government.

Speaking about his new role in Huawei, the new head of cyber security said in a statement, “My role will be to ensure that our cybersecurity assurance system integrates end-to-end cybersecurity into solutions, covering our cloud computing solutions, pipes/telecommunications and all devices from mobile broadband to PDAs where appropriate, the customer-oriented business processes and the whole ICT supply chain."

Suffolk would be in charge of developing the cyber security assurance strategy for Huawei. Huawei claims that the ex-CIO wouldn’t be acting as a lobbyist but will be working to strengthen security.