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Video gamer dies after 12-hour Xbox session

A 20-year-old gamer has died after playing a marathon session on his Xbox 360 console.

Chris Staniforth from Sheffield suffered deep vein thrombosis after sitting in the same position playing games for twelve hours. He collapsed after telling friends he had experienced a strange felling in his chest according to the Sun.

Staniforth collapsed the next day outside his local Job Centre where he had gone for an interview.

DVT, which is most common in those who have been on long flights, is a blood clot which normally forms in the legs and can cause a fatal blockage called a pulmonary embolism if it reaches the lungs.

The dead man's father Chris Staniforth said "As a parent you think playing computer games can't do them any harm because you know what they are doing. Kids all over the country are playing these games for long periods - they don't realise it could kill them."

Actually, you have just as much chance contracting DVT if you sat in front of a TV or PC for extended periods of time in the same position.

Both games consoles and individual games carry very explicit warnings about the dangers of playing games for hours on end and recommend that gamers take regular breaks and exercise between sessions.