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Apple Aces Profitability Charts; Samsung & RIM Follow

iPhone maker Apple has secured the top spot in global Smartphone market share for the second quarter, despite selling only 20 percent of world’s total cell phones, a new report revealed.

The report, published by the leading market intelligence outfit Asymco placed Samsung Electronics at the second spot, followed by the Finish mobile giant Nokia.

According to the Asymco report, when it comes to the worldwide sales-figure of Smartphones, Apple controls almost one-fifth of the market with a share of 18.5%, closely followed by Samsung with 17.5% and Nokia with 15.2%. It is, however, important to note here that Nokia, till only a year ago, controlled over 38% of the worldwide Smartphone sells.

Adding even more to the joy of Steve Jobs, Apple came up as the sole dominant force in terms of profitability in the Smartphone market.

On the scale of profitability, Apple bagged the top spot with near about 66 percent stake, followed by Samsung, Blackberry maker Research In Motion, and HTC with 15%, 11% and 7% respectively.

The report by Asymco was largely based on the earning reports for the second quarter, issued by the top 8 cell phone manufacturers in the world. [Image courtesy:].