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Apple's Kindle App Constraint Irks iPad And iPhone Users

Apple Inc is facing deep criticism from electronic book lovers for changing payment rules to buy e-books for the iPhone and iPad.

According to British daily newspaper The Telegraph, iOS users are not happy with the way Cupertino, California-based company has forced e-book seller Amazon to change its payment system after demanding 30 per cent from every sale made via their apps on the iOS.

The new terms and conditions which were first unveiled by Apple’s chief executive officer and co-founder Steve Jobs in February this year, came into effect on June 30th with a month notice period for those companies selling their media content via the App Store.

Due to the changes made, and the demand for a larger stake of the earnings, Amazon has removed its Kindle Store link and now users have to leave the app and go to the Kindle website via the browser to buy books, making it a schlep for iPad and iPhone users.

“They forced Kindle and other reading apps to remove any direct links to their own stores - Apple claimed this was a breach of terms and conditions. In reality Apple didn't like the competition and so has hamstrung apps like Kindle. Shameful from Apple,” one of the iOS users commented on the company's iTunes page.