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Apple Releases iCloud Beta For Developers

The iPhone maker has released a beta version of its cloud storage service, the iCloud, to users with a developer account, Apple did not make any official announcement about the much anticipated release.

Those on the iOS and Mac Developer Program can set up iCloud for iOS, OS X Lion and Windows, and then prepare apps for the iCloud service. The iCloud website has also gone live, though other than a start page it merely offers information for developers at present.

The service which is aimed at offering Apple users pervasive features for cloud synchronisation of music, photos, apps, calenders, documents, emails, contacts and other content across all iDevices. iCloud is expected to be fully released with iOS 5 before the end of this year.

Since Mobile Me has already seen end of the road, on June 30th this year, users entire content will now be available on the iCloud.

“MobileMe web apps are currently blocked from iOS mobile users, apparently because Apple's mobile browser does not support the "real web" well enough to work acceptably with them. This prevents iOS users from accessing a secondary account,” tech website Apple Insider reports.

It is believed that Apple paid nearly $4.5 million to register the domain last year.