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Bing Gains as Google Continues to Dominate Search Engine Market Share

Latest figures have revealed that Microsoft’s search engine, Bing is finding its grip in the market share, thanks to its collaboration with Yahoo Inc.

According to The Tech Herald, web-based market analyst firm comScore has informed in a report that Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corporation has managed to increase its market share for web-based search engine as Google Inc. continuous to lead.

The report says that software giant’s Bing search engine has gone up by 3.1 percent month-on-month basis to reach 14 percent in July from 11 percent in June this year. The 14.1 percent figure is also higher than 12.7 percent market share reported by Bing in the same month last year.

The analyst firm says that the lift in figures is the result of its search agreement with Yahoo Inc. under which all search queries entered on Yahoo are redirected to Bing. However, the decreasing market share of Yahoo is also a big concern. Yahoo fell from 18.9 percent in June 2010 to 15.9 percent in the same month this year.

“For most people, Google is search - they go to Google without even thinking about it. We've got to develop our own habits of people trying Bing.” Brian MacDonald, a member of Microsoft's Core Search Program Management team commented upon the report by comScore.