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Google's 900,000 Data Centers Use 0.01% Of Worldwide Electricity

A new report based on the estimated power consumption by Internet search giant Google Inc. has revealed that the company runs its massive network on around 900,000 servers.

Jonathan Koomey, a professor from Stanford University, published his latest report on Sunday into the use of electricity in data centers (opens in new tab)in the year 2010. The report suggests that the world’s leading search company is powered by 900,000 servers across the world.

Koomey also said that considering the way Google has flourished across the globe, having its data centers in nearly every country, he expected the power consumed by Google to be massive. However, the result has surprised most people, due to the company's low-power servers and high-efficiency data centers.

The total power consumed by the world’s data centers is 198.8 billion kWh, while Google’s use has come out to be only 220 megawatts, which is (only) 0.01 per cent of total electricity consumption in the world.

"While Google is a high profile user of computer servers, less than 1% of electricity used by data centers worldwide was attributable to that company’s data center operations," Koomey who worked on this research exclusively for the New York Times wrote in his report. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.