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Google+ App for Windows Phone 7 Emerges Online

Search engine giant Google might be preparing to launch a Google+ app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, if an image circulating online is to be believed.

The photo in question shows an app, identified by big Google+ lettering, running on the HTC Trophy, which is a Windows Phone 7 based device.

However, the authenticity of the image can be questioned as it is quite easy to doctor an image on Photoshop to look like an app by adding depth to its side.

The image was posted by Kevin Marshall on his twitter account. Apparently, he has been following the development of the platform since a year and he works at Clarity Consulting. This is the same firm which came out with the official Facebook app for Windows Phone.

One thing is for sure that Google will launch the Google+ for Windows Phone 7 as it recently launched one for Apple’s iOS platform. Google+ is the company’s latest attempt to get back at social networking giant Facebook.

Google+ has seen massive boom in popularity since it was launched, having crossed 20 million users in just three weeks’ time. Many are questioning the possibility of another social networking platform co-existing with Facebook, which has more than 750 million users, and Twitter, which has more than 100 million.