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HTC Seeks Revenge, Files Suit Against Apple in the UK

HTC has decided to contest the legal battle started by Apple Inc. with absolute courage as the company filed a new lawsuit against Apple within two weeks after losing in the United States of America.

Bloomberg first reported that Taiwanese Smartphone maker HTC has filed a case in Chancery Division of the London High Court against the Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker on Friday last week.

The latest lawsuit has arrived a fortnight after the fifth largest Smartphone developer HTC lost a patent battle against Apple Inc. at the U.S. International Trade Commission. HTC was accused for infringing upon two patents from Apple to develop their mobile phones.

Both the companies have decided to keep mum over the issue as spokesmen for both Apple and HTC have not responded to any media query. As it stands, the nature of the lawsuit filed has not been disclosed by either side.

"It's obvious that Apple will strike down upon HTC with a vengeance in the UK and possibly several other countries. Apple already has a lot of experience with intercontinental patent litigation." writes a blogger.

It seems that HTC is considering offence as the best defence and the new lawsuit is a result of the same ideology.