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Intel Offers Details Of Ultrabook 'Phases' To Take On Apple's MacBook Air

Intel has given details of the 'three phases' of development of its Ultrabook project which, although it probably won't admit it, is aimed at unseating the MacBook air from its position at the top of the premium notebook pile.

The chip maker began its push with the ultra-low voltage (ULV) Sandy Bridge-based Intel Core chips back in June and will eventually move through Ivy Bridge chips in the first half of 2012 and onto the next-generation Haswell architecture soon after that.

Ultrabook designs should start appearing from manufacturers later this year from manufacturers including Asus and HP according to thinq_

"With Haswell, Intel will transform the computing experience with more power efficient processors that allow a more dynamic experience in insanely sleek systems," claims Intel's Becky Emmett, adding, "It's a good time to be working in this industry and it's an awesome time to be working at Intel. It's also a fantastic time to be a user of technology - never before have we had so many choices of devices to suit our personal needs and lifestyles. If you think today's variety of computing devices is exciting, you ain't seen nothing yet."