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iPhone 5 To Cement Apple's Smartphone Domination

Soon after becoming world's largest smartphone vendor in revenue terms, earlier this year, Apple has now taken the whole cake, becoming the world's largest smartphone vendor by volume as well, according to the latest research by Strategy Analytics.

Just four years after launching their iPhone line, Apple has grabbed an 18 per cent portion of the market, with 20.3 million units shipped this quarter, boosting it up to the top position in the smartphone market. Samsung ranks second, with 17.5 per cent, while Nokia now has only a 15.2 per cent share.

The number one Apple and its close competitor Samsung have a frenemy relationship: the two companies are in a legal battle over alleged patent infringements by Samsung, but at the same time, Apple is purchasing electronic components from the Korean company.

But the competition remains fierce. The Samsung Galaxy S II will soon be launching in the United States and a cheaper version of the popular smartphone, the Galaxy R is soon to be released. Apple is launching its fifth generation iPhone this fall, and the device seems to already be on millions consumers' wish lists. A recent PriceGrabber survey suggested that 35% of US consumers would buy the iPhone upon its release.

The eagerly awaited iPhone 5 will most likely solidify Apple's top spot, especially if it comes on multiple carriers and with a possible lower-priced handset alongside as well, helping it consolidate its leading position over the next few quarters.