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Is Mozilla Designing Next Firefox Chrome Style?

The initial design concept of the forthcoming version of Mozilla Firefox is hinting towards a more Google Chrome-centric approach taken by the company.

The early designs, released by the company to the net-community, according to quite a few experts, suggest that the new interface-focused version of the browser is going to look like the rival Chrome in many ways.

It will be, however, wrong to assume that Mozilla is simply cloning Google’s design concepts and implementing them on its own product - the nightly version of the browser is still, very much Mozilla’s own concept like it always has been with the company’s previous products.

Few major changes that the company has embraced are evident from the tabs, add-ons as well as in the search bar. The not-so-good-looking search-box in the middle of the interface has also been removed.

“Mozilla told CNET when Firefox 4 launched in March that it has been slow to adopt the combined function search-and-location bar because of privacy concerns,” CNET wrote in its report.

“While the combined functionality is available through add-ons now, it's hard to tell whether the unified search and location bar will be ready when the currently nightly, version 8, goes stable,” it added.