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Microsoft Acts Fast, Curbs Data Location Exposure

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. announced on Monday that it has upgraded its location positioning services - a move that will make it tougher to geographically track down the company’s Windows based devices.

The company also said that it particularly paid attention towards ensuring a better filtering process for all location requests. Successfully doing so will make sure that no Windows based phones, laptops and other mobile devices return an exact location.

"While it was not possible to use the service to track a roaming mobile phone or laptop using its MAC address prior to this change, Microsoft is keenly aware of the sensitivity around all privacy issues, especially those surrounding geolocation," Reid Kuhn, partner group manager on the Windows Phone engineering team, stated in a blog post.

The move has been taken by the software giant following the claims made by Elie Bursztein, a Stanford University security researcher that Wi-Fi data stored by a particular Windows device can be used to accurately track down where the laptop is, and where it has previously been.

"Microsoft's privacy and security team has been in contact with Elie and we will continue the ongoing dialog with experts in the privacy field to improve our service offerings." Kuhn added.