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Nokia Planning Meego-based iPad 2 Rival?

German website NetbookNews was reportedly told by a source insider at embattled Nokia that the company would be preparing at least one more device based on the Meego operating system, although it is not clear whether it will be yet another smartphone - like the N9 - or a tablet.

Before Nokia unilaterally cancelled Meego as its future platform operating system, roadmaps did show that the company had had plans to build tablets as well as Netbooks and in-car entertainment systems, although this is now unlikely to happen.

Should Nokia manage to achieve with the tablet what it did with the N9, one can expect it will turn out to be a magnificent piece of engineering but with a quasi nonexistent app store.

Nokia's last attempt to produce a non-smartphone was the Nokia netbook called the Booklet 3G, which was launched back in August 2009 and proved to be a commercial failure.

A Nokia tablet based on Meego will have to be both affordable, well supported and at least as sexy as the rest of the competition to be a worthy rival to the iPad 2.

There might be a few design features that will be ported to that new tablet from the N9 like the total absence of buttons, the 64GB onboard storage, the curved design, the microSIM card plus the polycarbonate chassis to enhance mobile reception.