Noon News: LibreOffice Fit for Enterprises, Google Acquires The Dealmap, Nokia N9 Available on Pre-order

Open source alternative to Microsoft Office alternative LibreOffice is stable enough to be used in enterprise situations according to its makers at The Document Foundation. The suite of productivity applications which replicate functionality of Microsoft Office has had several major bug fixes and 'can be deployed for production needs by most enterprises' according to a TDF announcement.

Search engine giant Google has moved to acquire location based daily deals provider The Dealmap to boost its assault on Groupon’s market share. The company, which failed to acquire Groupon when it had the chance, did not disclose the financial details of the acquisition, but the deal has been made to empower Google’s ambitious Google Offers and Google Wallet services.

Good news for all those who have longed to see a brand new tablet with a brand new design- something entirely different from the usual and monotonous looking tablets with a flat slab, and a LCD/LED screen in the front.

iPhone maker Apple has secured the top spot in global Smartphone market share for the second quarter, despite selling only 20 percent of world’s total cell phones, a new report revealed. The report, published by the leading market intelligence outfit Asymco placed Samsung Electronics at the second spot, followed by the Finish mobile giant Nokia.

Online retailer Expansys has put various flavours of the Meego-powered Nokia N9 on preorder on its UK site but has yet to say when it will launch and more importantly, at what price. Both 16GB and a 64GB models will be available in a number of colours with the N9 being powered by the Meego 1.2 Harmattan OS.