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Samsung Leads Apple For Now In UK As World Awaits iPhone 5

The latest mobile tracker list from uSwitch shows that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still holding on to its number one spot, for the fourth month in a row, after having pushed the iPhone 4 down a notch back in May 2011.

Behind the two front-runners, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has managed to slot four handsets, the old Wildfire as well as the top of the range Sensation, the Wildfire S and the Desire S, which were released back in February.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, the HTC Desire and the Galaxy S make up the rest of the top 10, all of them being touchscreens rather than slide-out or having physical keyboards.

It's worth noting that the last two have fallen back heavily, a clear sign that retailers have almost completely cleared out stocks of the two popular handsets; Uswitch's own price comparison suggests that both can be had from £18 per month.

The fact that there are two superphones in Uswitch's top four means that Apple's iPhone 5 could be in for a fight as customers who come out of their two year contracts start to consider other alternatives.

Also noteworthy by their absence are Motorola and RIM. Motorola hasn't been in the list since the beginning of the year while Blackberry previously had two handsets - the Curve 8520 and the Bold 9700.