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Three Quarters of Verizon Customers Waiting For iPhone 5

A recent survey, carried out by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, has revealed that 74% of Verizon customers are waiting for the iPhone 5 to be launched as opposed to purchasing the current iOS smartphone.

The survey targeted 216 mobile phone users, who were asked about their phones and carriers, and the results pinpoint that a significant number of Verizon customers are hoping to buy the iPhone 5, rather than the currently available Verizon iPhone 4.

While 74% of the Verizon respondents who don't own an iPhone at present, but plan to buy one, said they would go for the iPhone 5, only 53% of AT&T customers are waiting for the fifth generation model to come.

And the good news for Apple continues. 94 per cent of iPhone owners say they would buy another Apple device, while only 47% of Android users expect to buy another Android handset and 42% would trade their Android smartphone for an iPhone.

Analysing the respondents' answers, Munster wrote: "Of those surveyed, 29% already have iPhones and 64% expect their next phone to be an iPhone, 17% have an Android device and 17% also indicated their next phone to be an Android".

Given these results, although it is a relatively small number of polled consumers, Apple's market share is clearly going to continue to increase, and it should grow dramatically in the near future when the iPhone 5 finally arrives.